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Before I became a clinical psychologist,

I was a patient

Two subjects. One room.

Verbal communication. Mental notes.

Writing has always been a way of expressing my anxieties. Then, music became a way to contain them.


Music enables thinking, representing and forming inaccessible and elusive thoughts. Just as Psychotherapy does. 

liad 4.jpeg

no one is immune          

     to anxiety                                        


Liad is a Clinical Psychologist (Ph.D.) and a musician based in Tel Aviv. 


 ‘Mental Notes’ is his debut concept album about anxiety, written and composed by Liad and produced by Zach Drory. 

Album Credits

Music & Lyrics by Liad Ruimi

Musical Production by Zach Drory

Musical Arrangements by Zach Drory & Liad Ruimi

String Arrangements by Zach Drory


Piano, Keyboards & Programming by Zach Drory

Violin & Viola by Keren Tannenbaum

Drums by Dan Mayo

Guitar by Yonatan Albalak

Bass Guitar by Shay Hazan

Recorded by Ronen Roth @ Sonic Yard Studios & Pluto Studios

Mix & Master by Ronen Roth

liad 6.jpeg


Wilfred Bion, Bjork, Radiohead, David Bowie, The Smiths, Thomas Ogden, Tom Ford, Yves Klein, Mark Rothko, Bon Iver, Robert Longo, Perfume Genius, Eviatar Banai, Kate Bush, Frank Ocean, Sufjan Stevens, Sylvia Plath, Chava Alberstein, Alexander Penn, Royksopp, Robert Laing, ANOHNI, Dudu Tassa, Carlo Rovelli, James Blake, Fiona Apple, Aljir, Stanley Donwood, Pet Shop Boys, Tame Impala, Psychoanalysis.

Beta Elements [Lyric Video]
The Shrink
Concrete and Glass
Anxiety is a craft


ⓒAll rights reserved to Liad Ruimi 2023

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